What can we learn about weddings from coronavirus? 10 valuable lessons

In the last year being a bridal jewelry designer was very challenging. Moving to a new country, getting married myself and like all of us, having to face the challenges that came with the outbreak of covid-19.

I followed closely the solutions couples around the world found to their weddings, and here are my 10 valuable lessons this time has taught me, and what you future brides can take with you.

1. Less is more

Many cultures appreciate big weddings with hundreds of guest!

While it is rather fun to enjoy a big party on the dancefloor, maybe it’s a good idea to double check your guest list with a “corona standard”: who would you invite if a worldwide pandemic would have made you choose less than 100 guests?

Let go of what people expect and invite only the people who sparksjoy!

2. You can’t stop the Love

Even when it feels hopeless, and a big cloud of uncertainty hovers over the near future, love cannot be stopped!

If you are now planning your wedding, let all the couples that insisted on celebrating their love against the circumstances, fill you with inspiration and give you some proportions. No external circumstances should make you cancel your wedding.

3. Learn some basic life skills

We are used to just “not knowing how to do something”.

And that’s totally ok, we can’t be great at everything… but we can learn to improvise and improve!  Grannies that learn how to ZOOM, brides to be watching make-up tutorials for the first time, and grooms learning to tie their own tie…

…sometimes not having a choice can be an opportunity to learn something new.

4. It is not just a paper

In its core, the wedding ceremony is a promise. We promise to care and love each other and learn how to face whatever life throws at us as a team.

Getting married in times of a world pandemic with no guest, giving away on our expectations, and adapting to reality and changes to protect our promises to each other –  is what getting married is all about.

5. Make a Habit of a Honeymoon life

A good vacation is a must and studies show that a weekend in a new dreamy place is the best way to spend our money and create meaningful memories.

But when we obsess about a new adventure, are we actually trying to escape? Problems in your relationship will follow you anywhere. So let’s first make a heaven in our own homes.

What corona has tought us the hard way, is that we should aspire to live a daily life we don’t want to escape from. Doing sports together, designing your bedroom and enjoying a romantic picnic in the balcony are good habits to keep for the future.

6. Drop the DRESS CODE

You are spouse to have a small wedding and the magazines are telling you your crystal corset is a bit over the top?! Ignore them!

Think of all the “corona brides” who invested their savings in their dream dress to finally wear it on a parking lot in a drive through wedding.

Go with your dream dress, circumstances change, but after your husband, that’s the most important choice you got for your wedding day.

7. Give your grandkids a good story

We hear the expression “timeless wedding” over and over again, and true, some weddings don’t give away the spirit of their times.

But how cool will those wedding pictures with masked brides and grooms will be in 20 years? Maybe a little mention of the time the wedding is held in is actually a great idea for the theme wedding trend.

8. Always have a Plan B

Unexpected events that mess up our plans are the new routine in our fast paced lives. Preparing a backup plan is not just in cases of world pandemics.

Even when everything is going smooths, (knock on wood) always have an extra band or make-up artist number on your phonebook.  

9. The photographer is a big big deal

When all is set and done, whether you got married in your back yard with 5 friends or had three days Bollywood wedding with 1000 guests, the only memories you have left that will accompany you for life – are your wedding pictures.

That’s what will decorate the walls of your house and your social media accounts.

Documenting your wedding by a professional photographer will be your best investment.

10. Support your locals

A wedding party is also one of the biggest expenses your will have starting your lives together. During the corona crisis the small business where hit the hardest.

We learned to appreciate the affords and sacrifices that independent business owner make daily to persue their passions and give us high quality commodity and services.

When all is back to normal, lets continue to support local business like flower shops, designers, hair and make-up artist , cateringservices and more.

I hope you found some value in this lessons, and hope our indurence during this year wasn’t in vine. I would love to hear your thoughts, what lesson are you taking with you from corona?

With love


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